Developing the Fundamentals of Soccer

7-9 years

  • Classes (weekends & weekdays)
  • Summer camp (weekdays)
  • Private one-on-one coaching tutorials (by appointment, 7 days/week)
  • Private group lessons (by appointment, 7 days/week)

Our group and one-on-one programs for the older and/or more experienced players build upon the first stage of fostering a love of the game and move into developing the fundamentals of soccer and finally enhancing and nurturing the competitive soccer player.

Starting around the age of 7 years and older, players are growing physically and mentally and are more receptive and capable of learning and using the fundamentals of soccer in order to develop their individual technique. We introduce them to a wider range of skill exercises and for a longer period of time. GOLS Soccer works with its players on individual technical development including first touch and mastering the ball. The players will work on super skills including individual possession, individual defending, confidence in possession (practicing the process of collecting, looking up and decision making once they have the ball), heading, and shooting and the art of finishing.

GOLS Soccer starts to challenge these players further by incorporating team tactics into their play and developing their overall game including working on the player’s position on the field related to other positions. As the player continues to grow, practice sessions become longer including warming up and stretching with more emphasis on conditioning and competitive play. GOLS Soccer continues to build upon the skill and teamwork concepts learned at earlier stages of development in order to solidify the player with a foundation of soccer fundamentals. The sessions utilize many small sided fun games during this program. As they continue to grow older, players move into a new level of maturity and understanding of the game.

If a player who hasn’t adequately mastered the skills and tactical concepts (defense, offense & teamwork) joins us, we go back as far as necessary in the developmental process to ensure that the player learns appropriately and has a positive experience. This program groups classes and customized training programs based on the skill level of the players within a certain age range with an understanding of the physical differences between different ages of players in order to ensure an appropriate and enjoyable learning environment for all.

We welcome working with teams who come to us as an existing unit or coaching one-on-one player development. Classes for groups who do not come to us as a pre-existing group are scheduled based on expressed interest by 8 or more individuals at a similar developmental level. We are happy to assist in also looking for other players to round out these classes.

Please contact us at 818-906-1707 or in order to discuss hiring GOLS Soccer for any programmatic needs.