Enhancing & Nurturing the Competitive Soccer Player

10+ years

  • Classes (weekends & weekdays)
  • Summer camp (weekdays)
  • Private one-on-one coaching tutorials (by appointment, 7 days/week)
  • Private group lessons (by appointment, 7 days/week)

Our group and one-on-one programs for the older and/or more experienced players build upon the first stage of fostering a love of the game and move into developing the fundamentals of soccer and finally enhancing and nurturing the competitive soccer player.

Entering the third phase of the GOLS Soccer program occurs once a player has developed his or her foundation of fundamental skills and team play. This program is designed for the completive player who is a soccer lover and wants to take their game to the next level regardless of age. These players come to us from school, club, AYSO and adult teams because they want to improve their competitive play, earn a spot on a team, earn a starting position and/or prepare for the next phase of their soccer career (i.e. a move from middle school to high school, AYSO to a club team, or high school to college).

We focus on many of the same tactical concepts and skills learned while developing the fundamentals, stressing the importance of working as a team. Sessions include a focus on 1v1 defense and offense, shooting and the art of finishing, small group and individual possession, and goal keeping. GOLS Soccer also continues to develop the player’s physicality (strength, speed, etc.), teamwork, mental acumen, and maturity. When working at this stage, the coach will not only conduct the training session, but also become directly involved by joining the group in small sided games and custom training exercises. During one-on-one sessions at this level, the coach becomes a partner with the player, and works closely with him or her while facilitating a number of exercises. The goal of these sessions is to continue to technically challenge the player in order to help progress and develop the player’s overall game.

Please contact us at 818-906-1707 or info@GOLSSoccer.com in order to discuss hiring GOLS Soccer for any programmatic needs.