Team Coaching

By appointment, 7 days/week

GOLS Soccer is available to coach or assistant coach school, AYSO or club teams. We are also delighted to work with teams on short-term engagements during spring, winter and summer breaks (or during the regular season). Depending on the age of the team and skill levels of the players, we will design a custom program to methodically improve both the individual and team play in order to enhance the physical and mental fitness, fundamental skills, and strategic and competitive capabilities of the team. The program will focus on understanding the field, and the individual roles and responsibilities of specific positions. The team bond will also be addressed in order to maximize the team’s opportunity to succeed on the field as one cohesive unit. By the end of the engagement, your team will have developed into a unit of players motivated to work hard, learn and succeed.

Please contact us at 818-906-1707 or in order to discuss hiring GOLS Soccer for any programmatic needs.