Our Fans are Cheering!

Take a look at what some folks are saying about GOLS Soccer.


"This is my son's favorite class and soccer camp. He learns so much without the pressure of competition-footwork skills, team spirit, hard work, good listening, and a TON of exercise. He is so happy with GOLS soccer. And Coach Ari watches the kids like a hawk and protects them as if they were his own. He is a very talented coach and I could not recommend GOLS soccer more. Worth every penny!"

-Amy Stewart


"My daughter has loved Coach Ariel's class from the very first session. Before the first class, she was shy and nervous, but by the end of class, she was beaming. She told me he was "the silliest coach" she's ever met in her life, which is high praise! Ariel is wonderful with kids; he knew everyone's name from the very beginning, and quickly figured out how to tailor his teaching to each child's individual needs. My daughter loves to be athletic largely because of him. Coaches like Ariel are few and far between!"

-Janine Poreba


"We couldn't be happier with GOLS Soccer. Our 3 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Coach Ari for two months and loves it. In addition to learning the rules and techniques of soccer, all the kids are very excited to participate each week. Coach Ari provides a wonderful introduction to sports and a fun environment for the kids to get some exercise."

-Andy Bohn


"My 4-year-old daughter loves Coach Ariel. He makes learning soccer skills pure fun and is always so kind and enthusiastic with the kids. His approach is developmental and age appropriate. Ariel is also very patient while still enforcing basic rules. We highly recommend GOLS! :)"

-Lea Russo Berman


"Hi Coach Ari! Had to thank you again for giving hugs to Vincent and making him feel better when we had to leave after class today. Both of my boys think you are the greatest! You really have such an incredible way of dealing with these little guys! Thank you! ;)"



"I love soccer more than candy and TV! :)"



"My son worked with coach Ari over the summer and truly enjoyed his time at camp and improved his soccer skills. Ari is gifted with children because he is patient and takes the time to understand a child's individual personality. Ari was able to quickly assess my son's abilities and focus in on areas he needed to work on. He created unique drills and fun contests and through these my son had a blast and improved his skills. Coach Ari makes soccer fun while teaching and he also spends the time communicating to parents what their kids are working on. He keeps things very positive and I feel lucky that my son had him as a coach."



"I am writing this recommendation for Ariel to bring into the light that quality you can sense when you are in the presence of a person who possesses the qualities of caring, kindness, intellect and ambition. And one who uses his inate talents to help bring out the best in others, be it coachining kids or helping a co-worker like he did for me.
I can only imagine Ariel bringing positive energy and the love of the beautiful game into a business and making a great and powerful impact! A wonderful person."

- Eric B. Hannah


"The other day Aaron told me he scored 2 goals during a soccer match at camp. I asked if he thought that it helped that he had soccer class with [GOLS Soccer and Coach Ari] and he said, YES, I learned so much."

- Jennie

"Coach Ari has been working with my son for the past 2 years. He has been an invaluable addition to my son's social skills, physical skills, tracking skills, gross motor skills and the list goes on. Coach Ari has also worked with my younger neuro typical son who also learned so much from his coaching and thouroughly left each session happy and exhausted! It's rare to find someone so compassionate, who is able to work with all children and treat them equally. Ari finds the time to get to know each child individually. He has an innate ability to pinpoint strengths and weakness and with a lot of fun and great exercise create an athlete in every one of them."

- Claire Barrett


"GOLS Soccer has been one of the great 'momfinds' for my daughter and the beginnings of her soccer journey. From day one to two years later, Coach Ari and his staff have demonstrated an innate skill for working with young kids in a playful and supportive environment that keeps us coming back for more. Since our daughter Sadie was 2.5 now 4.5, she has been part of a Gols Soccer class on Saturday mornings and we find the 'play oriented skill teaching' environment much more fun and supportive then the classes being offered at city parks and the more competitive game oriented scenarios. Sadie has learned to listen and respect 'the coach' as the primary authority in the situation, to be gentle and have cooperative play with other kids and the soccer skills that will propel her athletic capabilities in the near future. Coach Ari 'gets it' and we have often called him the 'Sadie whisperer'....because she only pays attention to the stuff that is real and there isn't anything realer then a great teacher and coach."

- Lori H. Schwartz


"Adam is a special kid. He has a little delay in his motor skills, and we are so lucky to have Ariel as our couch. He is the Best and knows how to take the best from all kids and also my son Adam ...."

- Idith Levy


"My children love GOLS Soccer and Coach/Teacher Ari. They were so shy when they first started and have really come out of their shell. We have recruited their friends to come and join!"

- Lia Dosik Carney


"My 4-year-old son, a beginner player, very much enjoyed his time in Spring camp. Coach Ari's kind ways, engaging skills activities, and plain old good fun made for a great first time soccer experience. Thank you, Coach Ari!"

- Anne-Marie Esser


"Robenson on the ball. He is 3 and loves his soccer sessions. Ari has a wonderful touch with all the kids, not just in the way he develops their skills, but more important is his ability to give kids confidence and make them comfortable. Robenson is thriving in this environment but whenever he needs a boost or a touch of encouragement Ari is at his shoulder and he's off again. I can't recommend Ari's program enough."

- Dan Cutforth


"Coach Ari is amazing! Our 2.5 year old son absolutely loves going to soccer each Saturday morning. He rushes to get dressed and put on his shoes and socks (a minor miracle in our house). There's no other activity that he's as excited about each week. Coach Ari is so gentle and fun with the kids. He keeps them engaged for the whole session - mixing great physical activity with actual skill-building (at 2.5 even!) and a whole lot of silliness. He really seems to understand even the youngest players and relate to them no their level. It's so much fun watching Coach Ari and these kids each week!"

- Nicole McCormack


"I can't say enough great things about Coach Ari! My son is learning so much and having a blast doing it! He always asks if it's Saturday so he can play soccer."

- Cara Delizia Rich


"Ariel has been working with my twin boys for almost four years. They are almost 9 now and they always look forward to seeing him and getting moving. Even though my boys are at very different skill levels, Ariel makes it fun for them to play together and helps them both improve and feel good about sports. And it's a pleasure to deal with both Ariel and Marta!"

- Wendi Trilling


"Coach Ari is simply the best. He is so warm and engaging with the kids. Our 4 year old son started out shy and uncertain about playing soccer. Coach Ari knew just how to draw the little athlete out of him. He makes soccer fun and really knows how to connect. His constant words of encouragement instill confidence in the kids."

- Marc Caruso


"We joined Gols Soccer after seeing a session in the park we regularly visit with our 3 1/2 year old son. In his first session with Coach Ari, our son was engaged, enthusiastic and actively participated. (not always the case with a 3 1/2 year old) We have attended Coach Ari's soccer classes for 2 months and every week our son looks forward to Saturday morning soccer with "Coach." Ari's ability to keep the children's attention and maintain their participation is fantastic! Gols Soccer program is great for the fundamentals of soccer, but more importantly is about the kids having fun while they learn the game and work on other key skills like team work, sportsmanship and confidence building. We love this program!"

- Andy and Matt Price


"Ariel is amazing with children. He makes the game of soccer so fun and children don't even realize they are learning new skills as they are so immersed in the pure enjoyment of it all. I highly recommend Ariel to anyone. My son has improved so much and he looks forward to class every week. Thank you Ari!"

- Samantha


"Mommy, we're gonna be late for soccer class! It's not often a five-year old is hustling you to get to after-school activities! That's how much my twin boys love Coach Ariel's soccer class. They have been attending for two years now. Ariel keeps them moving and engaged all the time. They have developed great soccer skills through 100% play-related techniques (eg:dodge-ball) as opposed to boring drills. Quite simply, Ariel understands kids."

- Joanna Crane (Axel and Milo, 5 1/2 yrs)


"We love soccer with Coach Ari! While learning the skills to play soccer, my daughter has learned the rules, made friends, gained confidence and found a love for the game. Coach Ari is amazing with the kids. He keeps them engaged, builds their skills, gets them to listen, and teaches them about good sportsmanship. In my daughter's words: "He's awesome.""

- Natalie Rice


"Our son has been joyously playing soccer with GOLS for over two years now. The highlight of every Saturday morning, the wonderful instructors find a way to teach the kids the fundamentals of the game without ever having to sacrifice the FUN at the center of it. Even better, our son's confidence has grown immeasurably, as has his understanding of teamwork. We couldn't recommend Ari and his team more highly."

- Heidi and Damon Lindelof


"Dear Marta and Ariel,
I can't thank you enough for the great experience my boys have been having with GOLS Soccer. They love their private lessons, which have given them great skill and confidence for their group lessons. Ariel has the magic touch with the kids. He makes it fun and instructional. They have a great time while learning to show great respect to the coach and the other players."

- Nancy Jones


"Ariel is AMAZING! He is truly the best coach I've ever seen in terms of his interaction with the kids! It's been such a pleasure to watch them respond to his clever, FUN techniques and strategies. He really knows what works and tailors his instruction to coincide with the skill/age/social levels of his players. It's almost like he's one of the kids out there, and yet they really respect him! My son has so much fun AND he's really advancing in his abilities -- it's the best of both worlds! Thank you Ariel and Marta for running such a fantastic organization!!!"

- Tracy Sarkissian


"Both my kids absolutely adore Coach Ari. They look forward to soccer each week with great excitement. Coach Ari perfectly balances skill development with fun entertaining exercises in a completely non-competitive environment. We couldn't be more pleased with the program."

- Jorge Flores


"We couldn't be happier with GOLS Soccer and Ariel. He is not only an experienced Argentine coach, but engaging and fun with the kids."

- Roxana Lissa, CEO RL Public Relations.


"At age four, our daughter is exploring all kinds of activities and sports and so far, her soccer skills clinic with "my coach, Ari" is hands-down her favorite. Ari's fun and engaging demeanor helps inspire a love for the game while the kids get great exercise and learn the basics. Worth every penny for a family looking to start children on the soccer path!"

- Bonnie Graves


"I knew I had found an amazing coach when we were all at dinner after my boys' first soccer class, and each of us got to say something that we are thankful for... both of my boys (ages 4 and 6) said they are thankful for coach Ari and his soccer class. They absolutely love his class and have a new found confidence and enthusiasm for soccer that Coach Ari has brought out in them. He teaches the kids real soccer skills, pushes them to work hard and do their best, while also being so fun and spirited. He connects with the kids, has them work together as a team and inspire them to improve individually. And they are just having a blast the whole time! Did I say this already...? :) Our 3 boys have done so many sports classes with so many different coaches and GOLS has managed to get my kids excited about sports in a way no other class has."

- Roz Nieman


"GOLS Soccer has been a wonderful experience for our son Max. He started playing with Coach Ariel when he was 3 and loves it just as much now - 2 1/2 years later - as he did then. It has been terrific to watch the class, and Max's skills, evolve over the years. Ariel is wonderful with kids of all ages and abilities. He has amazing rapport with the kids. His love of children and the game of soccer are obvious and infectious."

- Jessica Aronoff


"Our son has been taking soccer for almost a year with GOLS and we plan to keep going as long as we possibly can. We think it is the greatest sports class out there and with two boys, we have tried them all. Marta and Ariel are fantastic. Ariel is amazing with children and seems to know exactly just how far to push and when to back away. The kids trust him, he demands respect and gets it, but he reaches them through love and encouragement, not fear. Marta is incredibly flexible and accommodating with schedules and groups. We can't recommend this program highly enough."

- Meredith & Jesse Alexander


"The personal attention and care my son Colin receives by the GOLS team goes above and beyond the platinum standard the staff delivers in the areas a parent would hope for. I can recommend the GOLS team with deep conviction."

- Patrick McSherry


"Our two sons, 8 and almost 5 have both worked with Ariel in private sessions, in his after school soccer clinics as well as participated in his soccer mini- camps. It's been the best sporting experience ever for both our boys. Ariel is the perfect combination of caring teacher and motivating coach. Our little daughter will be taking his class as soon as she is old enough to sign up. We couldn't recommend him more highly to other parents."

- Gillian & Colin Goldman


"We are so happy we found GOLS for our boy Jack (and next year for our daughter Brandy!). The owners are amazing with little kids and so are the coaches. They really teach teamwork and good citizenship to the kids each session. And they teach them to really enjoy the game itself. Our son has grown tremendously in his love of soccer over this last year and simply adores his coach, Ariel. Each Saturday, he wakes up and soon is talking about what he's going to share with his coach about his week, school, etc. GOLS' coaches were incredibly patient with our boy, and now he's really advanced in his abilities and his confidence. What a little athlete ! Thank you guys. We are thrilled with you !!!!"

- Joel & Sherry Siegel


"Ariel's unbelievable patience with the unbridled enthusiasms of his 2 to 5 year old maniacs sets a bar for all other coaches to follow."

- Jeremy Ratchford


"Ariel has been a wonderful addition to my children's lives. He brings out their smiles and laughter, while at the same time helping them develop a sense of accomplishment. While their athletic skills have improved, its really all about having fun with Ariel - just as it should be when you're a young kid."

- Michelle Robson


"Our 2 year old son, Eli, just loves GOLS Soccer! Almost everyday he asks if it is soccer day! Although he is on the young side...it has been a great experience watching him grow to love his coach and listen and follow instruction. There are lots of great activities to keep the attention of 2-3 year olds and he gets his excess energy out just in time for dinner. My husband and I have also thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know the other parents and kids too. A great program with a great coach!"

- Susanne McNeil Eng


"Ariel is the Pied Piper of Soccer when it comes to children. They adore him and have so much fun learning the fundamentals of soccer in his classes. My son has really improved his skills and has developed a love for the sport in these past two sessions with GOLS."

- Tricia Samuels Laudisa


"Ariel is a very gifted teacher. He is very knowledgeable about soccer and he is passionate about it. He is very skilled at understanding children and he knows how to motivate them to be coached. He also does a great job of making a child's experience fun. I enthusiastically recommend him."

- Karl Block


"We were really happy to find a program that introduces our two-year old to soccer in a fun, stress-free, social environment. Ariel is patient and warm. Our daughter immediately felt at ease under his gentle guidance. As parents, we appeciate the fact that the program is custom-designed for two year olds, which means that there is a lot of running around (and sound sleep afterwards!)."

- Heather and Sumant Sridharan


"Ariel worked with our six year old daughter giving her soccer instruction. We thought very highly of Ariel. His abilities as a soccer player, coach and teacher were exceptional. These qualities, in combination with his natural abilities in relating to children, make him an ideal instructor. Our daughter still talks about her time spent with him. Ariel is honest, responsible and reliable and we highly recommend him."

- Mark Grandfield


"I met Ariel when I played with my women's soccer team in Los Angeles. Having played on various soccer teams throughout my high school and college years, I have had some far less than wonderful experiences with some of the coaches and trainers I have had. When I decided to play again in my late 20's, I was fortunate enough to find my women's team and even more fortunate to find Ariel. I tend to be the type of person who can be very sensitive to criticism and I can be my own harshest critic at times. Ariel had a way of showing me how to better myself without making me feel as though I was a complete failure. His patience when teaching and his love and dedication to the sport made him a coach that I will never forget. He was our team's biggest cheerleader and even when we played less than great, he still found a way to lift our spirits. I remember one game where I had to play a position I had never played before. I was very nervous. I played the best I could but I had scored an own goal. I was devastated and felt as though I had let our team down. Ariel would have none of it. He gave me one of his wonderful speeches and instead of me leaving the game with tears I left with a smile on my face. He taught me the greatest skill....feeling good about myself no matter what. I had to leave the team when my husband got a job in Miami, but I will never forget Ariel and how I am now a confident player who doesn't beat herself up if she makes a mistake. Thank you Ariel!!"

- Amaia Fernandez


"Our children, ages 2 and 4, loved the time they spent with Ariel. They came home saying "GOL" and wanting to kick soccer balls."

- Parents, Beverly Hills, CA


"Coach Ari is the Kid-Whisperer. When my son Michael at age 4 and 1/2 began taking soccer classes with coach Ari, he wasn't really interested. Coach Ari gets kids interested, focused and engaged. I'm astonished watching what Ari has done for Michael and for all the kids who are fortunate enough to discover soccer with Ari. (PS. My son, the one who was not interested, scored 4 goals last week). My wife adds: Ari makes it a safe place for kids to find their way into the game, and he makes it about fun, and being included. He's wonderful."

- Marc Vahanian


"GOLS Soccer has been great for our son Caiden to enjoy the game of soccer! Ariel is great with the kids and knows how to make soccer fun for them. The kids learned the skills of the sport unknowingly through his drills and games, and they have a great time too! We would recommend Coach Ari and his class without hesitations! He is so much fun that Caiden chose him to lead two of his birthday parties already. We love GOLS Soccer and thank you Ari and Marta for having a positive impact on our Caiden! We wish you all the best!"

- Amy Lin and Jonson Chen